About Us

BiG is a homegrown, entrepreneurial success story. Started 19 years ago by an enterprising young designer from Lahore. We launched our first outlet in Lahore with a line of street wear knits for young adults. Our brand quickly became popular among young men and women.Dedication and attention to detail by ownership and staff reflected quality in our products gave us a good reputation. Today, BiG is an established brand catering to young men and women, with a full range of casual clothing with over 16 outlets nationwide. What started out as a dream of one designer is now a growing business though the long hours are not shorter, but it is fun to work in a thriving business which reaches an increasing number of young adults.

BiG has a progressive marketing strategy, and reaching out to young adults is key to our success. We release spring/summer, festive ,fall and winter collections, with photo-shoots employing the top models in the industry.  We were amongst the first local companies to use the internet to display our designs, nearly a decade ago. Special care went into our website to ensure it was easy to navigate, and displayed the colours and fashions in the best light. Our website is www.big.com.pk and facebook page is www.facebook.com/big.com.pk, both receive thousands of views per day.

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